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"Around the age of 7, I came across a bronze Native American holding up a buffalo skull in prayer for his starving race. I remember being totally mesmerised and just admiring every inch of it. I dreamed that one day I would be able to create something like that but inwardly felt that only some god-like being, way beyond my talent, could actually create beautiful bronze sculptures.

Years later I took my first tentative steps with this new medium, and found that kneading, pressing and forming the clay seemed to come naturally, and I soon realised that this was the perfect way for me to channel my creative energy. Somehow using my hands to bring life to a three dimensional figure felt far more natural than trying to create an illusion of three dimensions on paper.

Finally the urge to again create something powerful in bronze pushed to the surface and this time I found that everything just flowed, almost like an energy creating through me. "Fool Bull", a prominent Sioux warrior and Medicine man, was transformed from a single photo (taken well over a hundred years ago) into a figure that was cast in bronze and set in granite in testament to the lasting and profound influence that the Native American culture has had on the world".

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By Brandon Borgelt